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Social media is overwhelming and your launch is looming...

You need 1:1 SUPPORT to help you create a CUSTOM
Social Media Campaign.

If you bought the Story Launch Method and are wanting to add on the Accelerator pack now's your chance! You have your social promotional campaign down, but what about those pesky emails? 

A well-written email campaign could EASILY cost you more than $2,000 but don't do that! You need the Accelerator Pack.

I was taught by Russell Brunson's very own email copywriter and I'm sharing my secrets with you here in this Accelerator Pack.

What's included in the Accelerator Pack?
  • One dedicated 1:1 coaching session just for you where we'll dive into how to customize your campaign and help with any stumbling blocks you may have
  • More than 15 Email Templates to help you *easily* write out your next email launch sequence.
  • ​An Analyze Your Launch spreadsheet to help you anticipate your launch's success, plan your future income, etc.
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"If you've ever done a launch, you know how stressful writing emails can be. If you've never done a launch before then stop reading and just purchase the templates. Anyhow, I went from staring at a blank google doc in complete overwhelm to filling in the blanks and getting my emails written. Now all I have to do is test them and tweak as needed for next time!" -Jessie B.


If you're ANYONE who wants to launch your offers and sell more of your products and services online, but you struggle with knowing what to say to actually convert your audience then YOU NEED my "Story Launch Method™" - a totally NEW way to get results from your social media efforts.
  • A mini course for you to learn the importance of storytelling, why you need a campaign and the step by step guide for HOW TO BUILD your own campaign
  • An editable campaign planning workbook and customizable spreadsheet as if I were sitting down to plan with you
  • This Strategic System is created SPECIFICALLY for launching offers in campaigns, which makes it entirely different than any other social media planning system on the market today.
  • Book your business solid without the pain, hassle and overwhelm of #allthethings currently available to market your business online...
  • Truly leverage THE best social media tools together in the right way to to get more qualified, buying clients.  -  All Rights Reserved  -  Terms & Conditions